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Google, MYOB Offer Free Website And Domain Name Hosting For Enterprises

Google and MYOB joined hands recently to offer enterprises the option to enter the online world by using a convenient all-in-one website plan known as ‘Getting Aussie Business Online’. The salient features of this package are: (more…)

Web Host AISN Announces Latest SharePoint Focused Partner Program

Web hosting supplier AISN (www.aisn.net) declared on Wednesday that it has announced its latest partner program, which accentuates its SharePoint hosting strategies. (more…)

Perimeter E-Security Joins Hands With Secunia

Perimeter E-Security, an information security and secure messaging service provider, recently made an announcement regarding its partnership with Secunia, a dependable and efficient Vulnerability Intelligence provider. (more…)

Comodo And HostDime Offer SSL Certificate Promotion As Partners

Comodo and HostDime have come up with a strategic alliance recently where they will present special promotions at discount prices. The partnership will offer Comodo’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates when a customer will purchase any yearly SSL Certificate for limited period. (more…)

Zarafa To Present Its ZCP Service

This year’s CeBIT is going to be held from 1-5 March at Hannover. Zarafa, as the leading provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, will present the growth of Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) as the open source groupware that has reached European standards. (more…)

Cloud Computing Is Not Just A Hype

What is it that internationally acclaimed CIOs are doing at present to make sure their businesses operate more competitively while costs are reduced? What do they make use of to gain attention of customers against competition? The simple answer is ‘cloud computing’. (more…)

VegasNAP Partners With WORDLINK For Better Development

VegasNAP, a high-class company for co-location, disaster recovery, and managed IT services situated in Las Vegas, Nevada made an announcement about an operating agreement with WORDLINK, Inc., one of the most refined data center services in Washington. Business clients of both companies will be able to get security and satisfaction with the available options of redundant data and business management centers in the major metropolitans of western US. (more…)

Grow Your Reseller Webhosting Business Revenue With Up-Sells And Add Ons

The current condition in the web hosting market has brought a drastic cut in revenue for web hosting providers. Competition has increased and advertising has become expensive because of increased demand to bring something out-of-the-box to stand out of the clutter. Here are 5 ways in which you can up-sell your products to your clients in the same way as before and then afford advertising budget to lure in more customers. (more…)

CloudLinux CEO To Speak At The Parallels Summit Next Week

CloudLinux, a Linux-based operating system that strives to stabilize the web hosting platform, recently made an announcement regarding the presentation of its founder and CEO at the Parallels Summit. The CEO Igor Seletskiy is going to hold the presentation at the Parallels Summit which is being held at the Gaylord Palms Hotel & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. (more…)

Managed Network Security Going To Touch $8.4 Billion By 2015

Network security and risk management play a major role in corporations today. This has consequently given rise to managed security services to protect organizations against network threats. As the attacks from hackers and even internal attacks haunt companies a major concern is being shown for handling network security. Constant upgradation is the theme of security systems devised today. As most companies are not well-equipped to deal with the ever-changing face of network viruses, specialized consultancy services are hired to protect their system. Managed security services are therefore on the rise to combat internet attacks that specially target emails and transactions, both of which have confidential data of the customers and company.

CoolHandle Hosting Shakes Hands With CloudFlare

CoolHandle Hosting is now ready to make available to its valued customers top-class security and reliable performance with the help of CloudFlare. CoolHandle has been progressing well over the years. Its recent cooperation with CloudFlare and the agreement to work as a team is one more step towards growth. CloudFlare itself is a cloud-based CDNservices which is going to make use of this team endeavor to upgrade performance for all customer websites, the way enterprise-level clients were served. CoolHandle has recently launched a control panel plug-in which enable customers to just click once and add any of the CDNservices. The CEOs of both companies were excited about the teamwork. (more…)

Selecting The CPU For Your Environment

Almost a decade ago the choices for server hardware CPU were limited mostly to the few main designs that ran an array of proprietary operating systems. Sun SPARC chipsets created for the Solaris UNIX operating systems were widely used in the financial and online arenas which were just starting up. On the other hand, Intel CPUs were used for Microsoft Windows environments in the corporate arena. Giants like HP, IBM and digital devised their own CPUs to integrate with their operating systems. (more…)

Getting Ready For Colocation

The web hosting world makes use of colocation for locating the IT infrastructure -with all servers, storage space, network paraphernalia and other essentials- into a data center. Colocation decisions are different than getting your server space through leasing or reselling. In colocation you will get the internet exchange, network access, privacy, power, AC (cooling), onsite management and support while you will be supplying the server hardware, network physical connections and other gadgets needed to get the overall system connected and running. The operating system and applications fit in after that and also come from your end. (more…)

Rewards of Employing a Small Business Web Hosting Venture

Are you interested in finding a web host for your latest and upcoming online corporate enterprise? Are you fascinated by the idea of taking your current venture online? All you are required to do is employ an expert web hosting company that operates on a small scale. The company will provide you with good rewards. In addition, you can pick from a large variety of web hosting customised facilities. On the other hand, there are a number of website hosting firms which are providing consumers Cheap Web Hosting deals. Whether or not the small business website hosting ventures can put forward the exact preference of services you require. (more…)

MacSolutions Plus to Recycle eWaste

If you have old gadgets, technical machines and hardware like CVRs, printers, routers, fax machines, and other electronic machines gathering dust in your store room then you have a golden chance to get them recycled at absolutely no charges. This offer has been extended by the Mac Solutions Plus store, the competitive Apple Specialist outlet in Western New York, at the Eastern Hills Mall and West Seneca.

This facility was offered as an active measure in favor of the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling And Reuse Act. The ACT asks for recycling of these electronic gadgets: PCs, TVs, servers, monitors, keyboards and mouse, fax machines, printers/ scanners, mobiles, VCRs, VRs, music players, DVD players, converters, satellite receivers, and gaming consoles. Being a member of the eWASTE Alliance Partner Network, MacSolutions Plus is the official location to dropping off covered electronic equipment and charges nothing for recycling. (more…)

Top Characteristics to Get Website Hosting Provider at Less Value

A lot of hosting providers are proposing amazing monthly charges to host your website if you are looking for a reasonably priced web hosting service.  Some of the high quality examples include Yahoo, Bluehost, Network Solutions, Hostgator and Vexxhost. There are many more we can list. Most certainly, each and everybody is not looking for the same web hosting essentials, however the question is if all plans are precisely the same? The answer is completely negative. (more…)

Security Firm HBGary Taken Over by Anonymous Hacker Group

HBGary, the security firm has been allegedly unblocked from the Internet by the pro-WikiLeaks hacker group Anonymous. Conferring to a report by SC Magazine, this unplugging of HBGary occurred after the hackers negotiated the network of HBGary around the end of the week, retrieving around 50,000 commercial emails and isolated information.

The accountability of the attacks was appealed by the group which outwardly was driven by the CEO of HBGary Aaron Barr. His idea was to issue important information about Anonymous.

From a report revealed in the Financial Times which was published on Friday, it was stated that Barr had put in study towards significant members of the Anonymous group according to him. (more…)

7 Lethal Social Media Crimes

Well done!  You have acted really brave and joined the amazing sphere of social media. Now that recently you have created accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and/or Reddit, you must have logged in and made sure everyone gets to know your presence there. You are probably ready for the entire social media community to grab on to your understanding of this world. But wait, it’s a disaster, even though these confident sales people and finest businessmen very often portray social media as the newest and enormous marketing wonder. Following are a few common drawbacks to keep away from: (more…)

HP on its way to Build $122M Data Center in Sydney

(Host Wisely Review): According to a recent statement by the Datacenter Dynamics, HP (www.hp.com) has proclaimed to make a heavy investment of $122 million for establishing a new data center in Sydney, Australia.

Reportedly, the step has been taken after the organization produced HP Hybrid Delivery solutions, a collection of latest cloud services and products produced for enterprises and other governmental institutions.

HP presented the planning documents for data center endeavor to the South Wales government in December. (more…)

20 Great UX Blogs for Web Designers

In order to have a professional site and to keep viewers pleased with your site, you have to pay attention to usability, its principles and user experience (UX). There are a number of books available to learn about usability and UX but you can stay updated about the standards of usability and today’s rules through UX blogs. However, when it comes to reading UX blogs, there are so many that you will not be able to read them all hence a few important and must to read blogs will support you learn about UX tendencies. Below is a list of 20 Great UX blogs. (more…)

Everything About PayPal

PayPal is the world’s most widely used money transferring method. It is an electrical money transfer service that works through the internet. Users have to sign in for a PayPal account to send money to another registered user. The company was formed in 1999 and since then has been on the top of secure money transfer services.

The need for PayPal arose when people across the globe felt the need to transfer money easily and quickly. If we were to depend on cross nation banks, it would take ages for money to be sent and deposited in a bank account from one country to another. With PayPal, not only can you transfer money, but you can also conduct online purchases and have your business’s monetary movements be effectively handled by PayPal. Even if you want web hosting services, you can simply pay through PayPal. Major hosting services like JustHost, iPage and Hostgator have integrated a perfect platform of money transferring services through PayPal. (more…)

Contingency Planning For Exchange Hosting

Big enterprises find a tailored solution in Microsoft Exchange. Not ever company uses it, but it’s still coming around. There might be time when you will have to deal with a group using it and you should know well what to do when there is a need of it. Several things should be kept in mind when using Microsoft exchange contingency planning.

When you are using Microsoft’s online facilities whether in part or through the whole range you will notice that support is lacking. Communication may be difficult at times in such a big corporation. However, you will find continuity in services which is a pride of Microsoft Corporation. This means that if your email hosting service is down you will continue to receive efficient service by Microsoft. It is still more affordable than having your own solution and you can avail it for a length of time you deem appropriate. Plus, Microsoft does not charge you as high as any other company would. (more…)

6 Top Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

Mozilla Firefox is the smart choice of most web developers and web designers currently because of its options of Ad-ons that can be downloaded for free and conveniently integrated so that they can be used straight from the browser.

Some add-ons are a must-keep in your browser and every web developer should have them. Other add-ons are necessary for web masters so they can have more control and optimization of their web pages. Still some add-ons are there that manage to bring the “icing on the cake” and you tend to love their specialty. Let’s discuss the very basic or “essential” add-ons below:

1. Grease Monkey

A web developer treats grease monkey as his most prized possession. GreaseMonkey is actually an alternate engine for page presentation for Firefox users so they can customize the webpage loading process by freely editing and adding JavaScript widgets that they like. A large number of free snippets are available on UserScripts that incorporate GreaseMonkey and make your browsing experience better. (more…)

IBM Planning to Construct Largest Cloud Data Center in Asia

IBM through its website made a crucial announcement on Tuesday that it’s working together with Chinese company Range Technology to construct a data center in Lanfang City in Heibei province of China. This data center would exclusively be for cloud computing.

The behemoth data center which has a span of 6.2 million square foot would be the first and largest of its kind for the Asian region IBM sources said.

“This new facility will leverage IBM’s data center innovation and resources to provide a cost-effective solution while providing the flexibility to meet the unpredictable changes in IT demand — whether it is from changes in IT technology or new business models such as cloud computing,” declared Steven Sams who helms the IBM site and facilities services.


HP Targets Public Cloud Market with its New Hybrid Solution

Customary business applications have always been tricky to manage. The vast range of hardware and software required to run them are overwhelming not to mention the cost of hiring a whole team of experts to manage, run, secure and update them.

With cloud computing the need for such applications are eliminated, the management of hardware and software is not required as it’s taken care of by professional companies like salesforce.com. In cloud computing system, there’s a massive amount of workload change. Cost for cloud computing is greatly reduced in comparison to traditional computing methods. The infrastructure is provided by third party, hence there is no need for one time purchase.

HP has proclaimed a suite of new products and services, designed to help businesses and governments to make better use of cloud while making sure the needed point of safety is maintained. (more…)

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