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2010 is Here and we’ve decided to review some of the 2009′s Best WordPress themes. This List includes a mix of Free & few Paid themes. So, Fasten your seatbelts for the ride!

1. Fotofolio WordPress Theme

Fotofolio WordPress Theme

Fotofolio is simply attractive. It has wonderful design template which is easy and simple to use. Its salient features include resizing images automatically and jQuery integration for featured photos and previews. Its theme options can be easily configured. It is specially designed to help create online portfolio for Visual Workers; Photography, Graphic Design, Manga, Architect, etc. It has EXIF data option and Comment feature option.


2. Falkner Sky WordPress Theme

Falkner Sky WordPress Theme

FalknerSky from the name itself suggests that it will have blue as its theme colour. The blue background theme colour gives it a fresh look. It has been tested on the latest WordPress version. Moreover it is compatible with widgets and has 3 columns. It has a fixed width and is compatible with various browsers like Flock, IE, Safari.


3. Paperwall WordPress Theme

Paperwall WordPress Theme

This theme was designed specially for Smashing Magazine. It gives a young look and is very subtle yet colourful. The header is the most attractive feature of the entire theme. It has fancy features including an amazing navigation menu. Its search box has a paper like effect and the menu sections also have paper board style.


4. Magazeen WordPress Theme

Magazeen WordPress Theme

It is magazine style theme which has a contemporary look. The theme uses nice contrast of background colours. Moreover its beauty lies in its simplicity. Its features include jQuery latest image showcase and already includes some widgets which can easily be customised from the WordPress admin panel.


5. Magaling


This is a theme which rides more on its features than its looks. It is integrated with twitter and has a tabbed sidebar. Additional features include feedburner Email subscriber and is also customized with Adsense. Other features include Automatic Thumbnail Resizer and is Gravatar enabled.


6. DynaBlue


It is a very stylish theme which gives your blog a very hip and current look. It has a header banner that keeps rotating the 4 most recent blogs until a user clicks on a post. It is a widget ready and features Twitter and RSS icons.


7. CSS Gallery

CSS Gallery

This is a theme that will suit all those people who want to build a CSS showcase or web gallery. It is loaded with features like built in Tagging, Google Ads, and also a sidebar block. Theme is valid XHTML 1.0 transitional and valid CSS!


8. Fhi-Zin


If you are making a Portfolio and Photography website then this theme is the ideal one. It is completely driven by an AJAX engine and is completely compatible with Google. It is SEO optimized and there is no limitation over the number of images that can be attached to a post. You can also mention external links and downloads to each post.


9. MiniMag Theme


Magazine theme with featured posts, ajax box with recent/top rated/most viewed posts and 2 column sidebar. Has an option to rate posts. Contains a widget readt footer area in additional to widget ready sidebar.


10. Creative by Nature

Creative by Nature

This is a theme that weighs more in its artistic side rather than features. Nonetheless it is still rich in features. Its header is a menu bar which would display your categories. Following that is a welcome note and a section to exhibit photos etc. Then there is the main column.


11. One Room

One Room

It is also a feature rich theme. It is a widget ready and has built in author section sidebar. It also supports Gravatar for Comments and has built in banner Ad blocks.  It is also equipped with a left sidebar for PostMetadatas. Its typography and the texture both are remarkable.


12. Elegant Grunge

Elegant Grunge

This is a theme that can make images in the site really stand out with its eye catching frames. It displays entries in a photoblog style. It also includes a widget to display thumbnails from the latest entries. Its sidebar can be easily configured. Moreover even the header can also be configured. Other features include RSS integration and a featured footer where you can add widgets.


13. Matatag


Matatag is a very useful theme that is loaded with features like Featured Post Gallery, Feedburner Email Subscription, Twitter Account integration, Popular Posts, Tabbed Sidebar, Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customize via an Option Page. It is also compatible with Gravatar and includes PSD file.


14. Fusion


It is a free wordpress template that is designed with a fixed width. It is weak in features but strong in terms of design and looks. It has gray and white colour scheme and comes along with drop down menus. It is compatible with all the modern popular web browsers.


15. WildDreams


As the name suggests, the theme gives a wild feel to the site. It is 2 columns theme. The psd file of the logo and the header has been included in the package. SO you can change the header and the logo as you wish.


16. Nofelia


It is another magazine style wordpress theme. It is a fixed width theme which is both widget as well as adsense ready. It is 2 column type wordpress theme. It has a right sidebar. It has featured content slider. It has a very stylish look with blue- white colour scheme. It has crystal clear typography.


17. Belis


This is a multi-coloured theme that is very attractive in its looks and equally rich in features. It has right sidebar and is widget ready. Moreover it is a 3 column wordpress> theme. This theme is suited for real estate sites.


18. Colourise


It is a very colourful(as the name suggests), two-column wordpress theme which has a huge header image with a dark background and also a fat footer.  with an ultra large header image, a dark backdrop and a fat footer.The navigation bar is remarkable and so is the typography.

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19. Agent


With the prices of the property skyrocketing, it is better to save every space for sale. Don’t loose your edge in the market, hence we recommend that you recommend that you upgrade to the latest AGENT theme pack which offeres a complete solution to all of your sale requirements. Make the most of this crisis.


20. Church


These are hardtimes, and the most important for all of us to is to stay together with the help of spiritual strength. The Church theme is tailored to suit religious organisations to effectively communicate their message. Easy embedded support for variety of networking tools makes this theme proactive!


21. Allure


The private forum theme to help your peers, allure theme effectively integrates various components of Internet tools in to one theme to deliver a holistic forum package. The Allure theme is  a 3 column theme which is fully customizable to suit your individual needs. Moreover, its compatibility makes it a top 100 themes of this year.


22. Black Canvas

Black Canvas

A canvas is the perfect place to display your artistic talents. How about a canvas that can reach millions of people with a click? The Black Canvas wordpress theme is an effective photoblog theme that can display your artistic skills to the whole world! The Blackness refers to the underlying passion which is unleashed when you modifing this theme!


23. Chrome


This theme is not modeled after Google Chrome. In fact, unlike Google Chrome, the Chrome wordpress theme stands up to all of its promises. A theme for high technology blogs, the theme is in sync with the content. With a 3 column and  unlimited customizable options makes it any geek’s first love.


24. Executive


The Executive page is inspired by an executive. The website is suited for companies looking to rebuild a new facade in the time of duress. The theme is formal as well as pleasing to the eye. With an uncanny eye for details, the executive theme delivers to all the needs for a business website.


25. Education


The Education page delivers to the needs of the educational industry. With the industry downturn, there are huge numbers of people flocking these institutes trying to improve their prospects, and hence we recommend that you too switch the theme of your website to cater to this segment of students. The website is very much appeasing to the eye, delivers information effectively and can integrate a wide range of internet tools to deliver the needs of today’s student.


26. News


The shutting of newspaper majors has sent ripples thru this industry. We want to ensure that you are top of this wave and don’t sink in it. The best thing to do: Switch to paperless newspaper! The News theme offers online readers an experience tantamount to the paper reading, hence you will not loose your following. So, why not maximize your coffers with this theme?


27. My WordPress

My WordPress

My WordPress is a theme that caters to a large section of the publishing demography. Its pure simplicity and practicality ensures its implementations in professional and as well as general community websites. The theme is people friendly being print-ready, easily navigable and all that, but for the publishers, ad-optimizability and SEO act as the focal points that put this theme over many of its counterparts.


28. Color Paper

color paper

Appears clear and clean but that in no way undermines the minute artistic detail that is present! Color paper is an amazing theme that puts words across just so well. The clarity of its appearance ensures no information overload and very easy site navigation. It’s not often that one comes across a theme of such pedigree, especially one that’s free.


29. WordPress Fun

Wordpress Fun

WordPress Fun lives up to its name. The theme is one apart from the many with its sheer boldness of design yet the soberness of the color scheme. The layout is robust and it is very easy to work one’s way around the site. The column that hosts the article scrubs is well distinguished from the navigation column, thus directs attention to the content of the page. It is one of those themes that once a person has a look at it, it is bound linger in the memory for a while to come. It is important to note that there are some quirks to the theme such as the partial backward compatibility. The theme is built with WordPress 2.5.1 (works with 2.5).


30. Cloud


Cloud theme will take you cloud 9. A sleek theme powered by jQuery, is expedient for any personal blog. The theme is intriguing and refreshing that will ensure that you have people following you in no time. Moreover, it integrates a wide range of social networking tools to ensure you keep everyone in the loop. It also has working contact form with validation to keep stalkers and recreants out.


31. eMotion


eMotion emotes one emotion: Wooooooah! The eMotion theme offers a wide range of flexibility in all domains making the theme different for each user. 2 homepage options, Big Peek-a-Boo Slider, Theme options, Social options, Widget addons and a whole lot more. In a nutshell, the eMotion theme will be different for different persons.


32. Prolific Portfolio

Prolific Portfolio

For some who are looking to integrate your blog and business in to one theme, then the Prolific theme will be your best match. With homepage options and accordion slider option, the prolific theme helps your business and your personal interests equally!


33. Mynxx


Mynxx is a wordpress theme that has been heavily SEO optimized to encourage Search engines to rank it higher and higher, comes in a clean cut design with plenty of style sheets to pick from and the ability to change the colour with a colour picker of the style sheet on the fly, change the font style and font size, 3 columns with enough room to swing a cat I guess you could call this a magazine styled wordpress theme which usually goes great with any website your looking for.


34. Pixel


Pixel a visually appealing theme that adopts a 2-3 columns layout. There is a drop down customizable for the categories, a feedburner field on top right,, 6 widgets strategically positioned all over the page, footer navigation and the feature of 21st century theme making, the coveted transparent look.


35. Free WP Premium

Free WP Premium

It’s premium, and it’s free! This slick theme comes in three schemes with a CSS separate for the color and for the layout. In other words, to change the color, it’s a simple matter of just changing the color CSS. Other than that, the theme comes with multi-tabbed search, RSS feed, SE optimized and, of course, it’s W3C valid. The coding is well thought out, making the theme easily editable.


36. Structure


It’s all about minimalism in this theme. With virtually no eye candy, the theme relies heavily on its easy navigability and cluster-free appearance for allure. And it does well. The Structure is a child theme of the Hybid theme, meaning that you need the Hybrid theme for it to work. The theme has been perfectly designed to be pixel perfect and assists in placing ads on the header with an extra widget location.


37. WordPress Magazine

Wordpress Magazine

The WordPress Magazine theme, or the MIMBO, is a clean and customizable magazine styled design. To look at, the theme resembles any news site (like The Herald Tribune or even Yahoo! News). The design has enough sections for headlines, news, indexes, stock market charts and anything else that a magazine or a newspaper site would need. If anything is lacking, it doesn’t take much time to edit the code to make your own space.


38. Channel


The Channel theme is contemporary wordpress theme that has much to offer for the publisher. The advanced theme control panel enhances the workability and the fully widgeted sidebars can be customized to match the content. The theme also has an in-built feedburner.


39. FashionPress

Fashion press

FashionPress is a theme designed for sites with fashion or celebrity related news. It comes packaged with a variety of features like the advanced control panel, fully widgeted sidebars, analytics/stat management, email and forum upgrades and many more time-relevant tools.


40. Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year

Nothing says festive season like serene night skies with glistening snow and a toasty home. The theme does well in the eye-candy category giving the viewers a site to remember. The theme is CSS based with 2 columns of fixed width. It is widget ready and has multibrowser compatibility. The theme also provides for live email form validation for security purposes.


41. TekNium


TekNium is a modern theme expedient for businesses. A clean theme based on rugged CSS/Xhtml, it provides the user with  a wide variety of options for customizations. Moreover, a jQuery Image Slider, Auto Thumbnails, Working contact page, Admin Options Page, Option to show latest news and blog posts on home page and Widget Ready  makes this theme appealing to any tech savvy company.


42. Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze is rich and professional theme that has 10 unique schemes that will make eyes pop out at your blog. If you want to give your business an unfair advantage then also it is ideal. Eye Gaze  can be used is two avatars: CMS or normal blog. There are 2 types of layout for homepage and classic blog with standard posts. It also has an advance theme options page which gives the user full control over the website.


43. Glassical


Glassical is a retro, simple and a placid theme that is very easy on the eyes. The layout is quite similar to that of the general blogger type sites with the two column design. The articles are on the left column while categories are arranged on the right. The design is easy to work our way through and really poses no complexity. The theme uses Cufon for embedding the font.


44. Gallery


The theme is a beautifully designed gallery styled facade. A child theme of wordpress, the Gallery is built using CSS with the integration of an assortment of plugins. The viewers would effectively see an array of thumbnails that in short summarize the content that they are holding the key to. Thus, the design is robust and totally attractive. The content can be saved to Delicious or even Tweeted with this theme. The theme is wordpress 2.7 compatible.


45. Christmas


The two column design of the Christmas theme as treat for the users of the site. Being Widget Ready, W3C valid and CSS 2.1 Valid, the design offers structural and aesthetic assurance. The theme has a tableless design and the the typefaces in use are terrific. Just what Santa ordered.


46. Vintage and Blue

vintage and blue

With the intent of creating a theme with a feel of the good ol’ times, the Vintage theme offers the right amount of nostalgic feel for the older generation and an awesome layout for the publishers. The theme requires wordpress 2.7 to work. The layout is well planned and the eye for detail on this piece of work is magnificent. The theme has an in-built feedburner.

The Blues theme has the same structure as that of the Vintage theme but with totally different visual elements. The blues is more sober, where the Vintage designs are rustic. Both the themes are widget ready and free to use in any form.


47. Firebug


The Firebug theme appears appropriate for the conventional bloggers and online article publishers. The theme is based on a black background with bright colors highlighting the text that appears on it. It comes with two widget ready sidebars, space for banner ads, Gravatar ready comments, feed subscription options and many other tools that a publisher might need. The theme is CSS/XHTML validated. The site comes under the Creative Commons license.


48. ZinePress


As the designer puts it, the ZinePress is not the run of the mill blog design. The colors are not screaming loud (just about w    hispering quiet) with a pleasant texture at the background. The theme is compatible with WordPress 2.6 and 2.7 but the author recommends at least 2.7 for smooth running. It is cross browser compatible and widget ready.


49. Monograph


Monograph is a magazine template wordpress theme with great features. It has a beautiful JS slider, 3 easily-controlled featured categories on the homepage and a unique widgets space. You can either thread comments or split posts in to pages, Monograph gives you ultimate flexibility.


50. Eventina


Eventina is a bold magazine template  that is very flexible and unique in its own way. It can cater to any category: movies, news, blogs, music, travel etc. It has built in widgets, social addons, featured posts options and drop down multilevel menu. It also has a Banner Ads Management System.


51. Magnet


Magnet is a wordpress theme for traditional blogs. It has a flexible layout as well as featured selections that allow you to highlight your favorite or latest posts. A featured slider adds glamour to theme while author profile and twitter integration add brawn to the theme.


52. Professional


Professional theme is based on the golden ration: 2 column which brings emphasis on the content. A very light and flexible theme makes tit apt for blog, CMS or  portfolio websites. It has 5 color options, theme page options, jQuery Carousel on Homepage and Social tool in the theme.


53. Impulse


Impulse theme brings unlimited possibilities to the website. A theme which can be used for any use, Impulse is packed with features. It has3 Cool Color combination namely Blue, Dark and Silver. It has threaded comments, Widgetized Sidebar and Footer and Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script). It can also support Google Analytics & Feedburner.


54. Delicious


Delicious is an elegant wordpress theme for restaurants, cafes, pubs, pizzerias etc. It has a special options page for you to tweak this delicious website. What is even more juicer in the jQuery slider and unique widgets. A drop down menu  can make you customer wanting for more.


55. Technologic


Technologic is a powerful layout that has no boundaries. A theme that can help you sell a pitch effectively, packs a punch of tools. It has 5 color schemes, a featured slideshow as well as a built in widget to highlight.  An “about the author” can be added with a  simple click.


56. Zenko


Zenko is a stylish and colorful theme that is apt for a magazine or blog. Its flexible layout allows you to make style adapt to your content. There are no custom fields to prod you. There is an ads management system to keep a check on your ads. A featured content section can give your favorite content the spotlight. Built in widgets and drop down menus makes Zenko a top 100 theme of 2009.


57. Travelogue


Travelogue is a travel themed blogtheme. A Widgetized Sidebar, jCarousel script for Featured Posts on Homepage (easily controlled from Options Page), Integrated Social Bookmarking, No Plug-ins, Gravatars Support and Easily manage 3 banners: in header, sidebar and content are other features that Travelogue possess.


58. Rockstar


Rockstar is theme equipped with a widgetized sidebar and 6 different color schemes.  Moreover it provides many customization options to personalize the theme. It also has an integrated banner ad management.  However since this is a free theme it does not come along with support. It gives the page a classic look with simple yet attractive colors.


59. Bueno


Bueno is a clean theme which has crystal clear typography and structure. This would be a perfect theme for all those sites which want to give the content more importance. However it also has a very presentable color scheme and header. It has 7 different color schemes to choose from.


60. Irresistible


The theme is true to its name and so is its pricing: it’s absolutely free. It rides on its looks more than its features. It has an integrated video player and different color schemes to choose from. However the theme does not provie support since it is not a paid theme.


61. Headlines


Headlines is a brand new magazine/news theme which is rich in looks and impeccable typography. It has a very flexible layout allowing you to move the sidebar etc wherever you wish. Moreover it is twitter integrated which means your latest tweet is displayed on the header. It is rich in useful features like featured area, social bookmarks, author highlighting etc.


62. Mortar


Mortar is another flexible theme with integrated jQuery layout plugin which is ideal for magazine/news sites. There are 8 color schemes to choose from.  It has a completely widgetized sidebar and does not require any third party widgets.


63. Foreward Thinking

Forward Thinking

It is a 3 column theme suitable for magazine sites thanks to its clear typography and stylish looks. It has moveable sidebar, a customized featured posts section and 10 different styles to choose from. It also lets you set alternating colors for specific areas of design.


64. Optimize


It is a theme that scores high on looks as well as functionality. This is the perfect theme that would make your product look good. It has a portfolio section that will let you showcase your products. Moreover it has a staggering 22 styles to choose from!  Other features include Twitter box, Mini-features area, Info/Quotes box and option to insert any page above/below mini-features area.


65. Coffee Break

Coffee Break

This is a perfect theme for your business. It will showcase your products/services in the right manner by giving the looks and content equal importance. It also includes a widgetized side bar with as many as 7 widgets. There are 17 color schemes to choose from. There are plenty of other features that are included in this wonderful theme.


66. Productum


This is the perfect theme to market your products. It has a image switcher that is capable of stylishly advertising your latest products. Moreover it also can be personalized to suit one’s business needs.


67. Suit and Tie

Suit and Tie

This is another business wordpress theme that will showcase your products in the perfect manner. It has a featured slider option and 3 different widgetized sidebars. Moreover it has 13 different color schemes to choose from. It also has integrated content& sidebar video player.


68. Profile


Sometimes small things says a lot. The profile theme is also based on the same format. The simple theme, is made with main intention of getting to your customer in 5 minutes. In short, a e-business card you can say. It also has jQuery Tabber, an options page, Integrated Social Bookmarking, No Plug-ins, 3 Color Styles and Google Analytics Integration.


69. Yamidoo Magazine

Yamidoo Magazine

Yamidoo magazine is for the branier ones. The Yamidoo theme is a perfect match for content rich informative website. The theme presents the content in a more stylish format with the help of built in widgets, featured content option and drop down menu. It also has feedburner and google analytics support to track website performance.


70. Photoblog


The photoblog template is suited for artistic ones. A perfect layout that can showcase talents of photographers, designers and others, the theme offers them flexibility to harness the power of blogs. It also integrates social tools to help publicize the blog. Moreover with favorite photo widget and AJAX powered dynamic image resizer and featured slideshow on homepage make it our favorite Photoblog theme.


71. Majapahit


This newspaper style layout looks to provide for content driven sites. The widget section in the sides can be used to host Adsense ads. The layout is 3 columns can be expanded to 4 in the homepage. The PSD downloadable gives additional workability to the styles. The tabbed menu displays items, tag and post archives. The social network submission allows the publisher to spread the work through the web.


72. Modern News

Modern News

Modern News is one of the most sophisticated news themes available. The theme can be completely modifiable hence can be tuned to specific interests. Moreover, it has very flexible admin panel which is also one of the reasons why this is in the top 100 list this year!


73. Small Magazine Theme

Small Magazine Theme

The Small Magazine is yet another magazine styled theme. It posts content in a clutter-free manner and is capable of holding a lot of content on a page without visual unpleasantness. It has widgetized sidebars and the layout is easily customizable using CSS. It even gives an option to edit the 404 Error page (god, forbid that comes up). It has validated CSS and XHTML and built-in Gravatar.


74. Versitality Lite

Versitality Lite

Versatility Lite is a two column, widget-ready theme. The theme includes a ‘Featured Post’ section, drop down CSS menus, integrated related posts, social bookmarking buttons, and many more functions that make the theme easy to use. The site is easily editable to make space for other elements.


75. FREEmium


Everyone likes freebies. Designer Paul Kadysz combined the additional functions of a premium product and the enjoyment of getting something free to make this theme. The theme is coded with XHTML 1.0 Transitional and has two widget ready sidebars. There are many spots to place advertisements (Kachink!$!) and the theme offers RSS subscriptions.


76. Movie Theatre

Movie Theatre

Movie theatre is a very creative wordpress theme that has two columns in its design. The widgets have been placed ideally to add flavor and color to the theme. The design has two sidebars and three columns. Images can also be replaced in the head bar to position adsense units. The theme has been tested on most major browsers and has responded positively.


77. Brightness


The Brightness WordPress theme is a very beginner-friendly  magazine styled theme. The sheer simplicity of the design offers easy navigability. The theme comes with an admin panel that can be used to edit the pages. That saves the trouble of surfing through lines and verses of codes to find the the required area!


78. Igloo


The Igloo is a new News Theme fit for WordPress 2.7 Coltrane. The theme is simple and intuitive with variable columns layout. The arrangement is ad friendly and very easy to customize. The color of the theme is easy to change. Overall, entering any element in this layout is quite effortless.


79. Object


Object is a theme that is capable of publishing your photos and videos perfectly. It sports 1-5 column layout options and has 15 amazing color schemes to choose from. Moreover it has one of the best jQuery image galleries you’ve seen in a WP theme. Handling videos and photos in this theme is a piece of cake. It is also twitter integrated.


80. The Journal

The Journal

This is the perfect theme for all the web designers indulging in news reporting. It has the perfect online newspaper design with clear typography. Post content and its related images are given the most importance. It has a carousel/slider for most recent entries.


81. Groovy Video

Groovy Video

This theme has a funky and colorful look. It is an ideal video blogging theme. Creating video posts using this theme is very easy. Moreover you can choose from 17 color schemes. The videos are resized automatically.


82. Aperture


It is a photo blogging theme that is worth its price tag. Other than a unique home page, this theme also contains useful features like latest posts slider, a blog module, a visual category display etc. there are 12 different color schemes to choose from. It has 6 widgetized areas.


83. Backstage


It is a perfect theme for musicians and artists who want to showcase their talent. It is rich in flexible widgets and audio players. You can customize the site from 7 color schemes that are available.


84. Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

It is a theme that could be used for basically anything from portfolios to magazines. It has multiple layer support and other features like automatic image resizing. It is widget ready and contains featured content areas.


85. Affair


If you want your blog to have more emphasis laid on content then the perfect theme is affair. It is ideal for magazine layouts. It is also rich in features like automatic thumbnail generation. Moreover it gives your blog a stylish new look. It is 2 column theme which is integrated with Gravatars for comments.


86. Centrio Premium

Centrio Premium

This theme is also a theme that is suited for all types of business and corporate sites. It is ideal for corporate or freelancer portfolios. You can personalize it with its custom admin options. It has completely custom styled slider for highlighting your featured products. It gives the site a subtle look that is apt for a business site.


87. Fancy Dark

Fancy Dark

It is a theme that is suited for small design agencies. It has a featured content slider. The color scheme is neither dull nor eye catchy. It is widget ready and is integrated with jQuery layout plugin.


88. Pandora


It is also a theme suited for corporate sites as well individual portfolios. It has remarkable navigation effects and a stylish look. It is integrated with jQuery layout plugin and is compatible with SEO’s.


89. Wall Company

Wall Company

The Wall Company theme is a magazine styled theme which has been customized to fit community sites. The layout comes especially with a top earner advertizement block to maximize earnings. It has an in-built RSS feedburner and works well on the latest WordPress edition. The theme is Gravatar and Widget ready. It is also social bookmarking ready! Wow, it just seems to have it all. Looking at the whole picture, the theme seems to be perfect for beginners and professionals alike.


90. The Stars

The Stars

Aesthetics is it’s strong point. The Stars theme focuses on a flashy homepage with fancy navigation drop down menus. It has got a featured content section on the homepage and a category section. It is widget and social networking ready. WordPress 2.7 hosts the theme comfortably. The image autosizer shrinks images to thumbnails when posting featured articles.


91. Star Magazine

starmagazine theme

Aesthetics is it’s strong point. The Stars theme focuses on a flashy homepage with fancy navigation drop down menus. It has got a featured content section on the homepage and a category section. It is widget and social networking ready. WordPress 2.7 hosts the theme comfortably. The image autosizer shrinks images to thumbnails when posting featured articles.


92. WordPress University

Wordpress University

WordPress University is a educational template for wordpress. It has unlimited coloroptions, Featured posts slideshow, Tabbed post categories, Dropdown menu, jQuery animations and effects,Custom widgets for different pages, Easy thumbnail images with auto-scaling and social tools for promotions.


93. Our Magazine


A powerful WordPress theme special for online magazine, community, network or any site with rich content. It is modern, clean, and sexy ~
Our Magazine comes with 2 color variations, a slider for headline news, auto image resizing, advance theme option. It also provide a highly demand user link feed to allow your reader to submit news


94. ProBlog


Easily customize colors/logo with the built in options, no plug-ins needed! Multiple page templates, including a custom category page template allows you to choose which pages show and hide posts with a single template! (Great for portfolios with sub-items, multiple blog subjects, and keeping a personal/professional distinction)

Multiple widget areas: Site-wide, home only, pages only, posts only and optional footer widget area.


95. WP Summerlin

WP Summerlin

WP Summerlin is a premium WordPress Theme that is a clean & appealing design. It can be used for variety of websites. It’s very easy to customize and has over eight different colors with loads of features.


96. Sparta


Sparta is a ultra clean, no nonsense and a no frill’s theme. It’s left-aligned two-column layout that makes it really easy to read and navigate. Moreover, it has a Featured Post Slider using JQuery which gives it a feel of a magazine. It can be used for an online magazine, a personal blog, or a professional blog.


97. Down to Earth

Down to Earth

Down to Earth is a simple green website that is best suited for environmental organizations. It has a content slideshow, Gravatar support and widget ready.


98. Ambition


Ambition is a supereasy parking website template. It comes in 7 colors and can be easily modified.


99. Meta-Morphosis


A perfect wordpress theme for a personal blog but in a magazine style from woothemes. It has a two column front page with jQuery widgetized slide bar in the footer. With about 8 customizable color schemes, the best thing about it is that it is free to download. Give it a try if you are looking for a free theme with a very easy to use back end.


100. ThemeRay Theme


ThemeRay is a ready to go theme which was released by the end of 2009 december by wordpressthemedesigner.com. This theme has already built in plugins for flickr, popular post and it also comes with an animated tag cloud plugin. The developers claim that it is one of the most search engine optimized theme with featured video, threaded comments and flickr RSS.



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January 12, 2010

Wonderful wordpress themes and especially the nofelia and belis are awesome.great collections.thanks!

January 11, 2010

These are some great themes. I don’t like seeing the standard ones over and over again. Great job finding 100.

January 11, 2010

nice collection, thanks for the list..

[...] 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 [...]

[...] 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 [...]

[...] 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 [...]

[...] More: 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 | HostWisely [...]

[...] 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 [...]

[...] Gallery is built using CSS with the integration of an assortment of plugins . Excerpt from: 100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 | HostWisely Share and [...]

January 7, 2010

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[...] . This List includes a mix of Free & few Paid themes. So, Fasten your seatbelts.Continued here:100 Best WordPress Themes Of 2009 | HostWiselyRelated Posts:Paid Christmas Church Religious WordPress ThemesFree WordPress Themes : December 2009 [...]

January 7, 2010

nice collection of themes………

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